We often get asked why are there so many stray dogs walking around. This is a question that we have so far been unable to answer, but if you are looking at coming to Grenada to live, study or retire and you are bringing your best companion with you then you need to know about this hidden gem.

All dog owners will from time to time need to take a short trip whether on business or leisure and that’s when you need a really good friend or a really trusting person to take care of your dog while you are away. When we first got here four years ago we were lucky to be introduced to Rolando. Rolando is absolutely passionate about dogs and works at the GSPCA clinic. Rolando will walk, feed, play and all round ensure that your dog is well looked after. When we used his services, he went above and beyond and we were so happy to see that our 2 dogs got on so well with his dog.

Coming from the UK, we know how important a role pet motel play. Grenada is yet to expand more in this area. As far as we are aware there is currently only one other person on the island offering this service.

Leaving your dog with Cumberbatch Pet Care Services will feel like entrusting them to a good friend who loves being around dogs.

Rolando even got asked to accompany a customer’s dog back to England after their stay on the island, now if that’s not a glowing recommendation!!!

Working with the Grenada Small Animal Clinic, they rescue a lot of dogs, vaccinate and nurture injured ones back to health.

Staying with Rolando, your dog might even go for a swim at La Sagesse beach or for a walk in the forest. Check him out on his Facebook page.