Grenada has many waterfalls and the most popular being Annandale, Concord and St Margaret’s, otherwise known as Seven Sisters. The aforementioned falls are all very popular and are part of the Cruise ships shore excursions so can get very busy during the peak season.

I have often wondered why do so many people visit these relatively small falls when compared to the likes of Iguaza Falls, Niagra Fall, Victoria Falls, and Chutes Wagenia to name but a few. These falls are magnificent in stature and awe-inspiring not to mention Victoria Falls being one of the natural wonders. You can swim directly under and fully embrace our waterfalls, try that at Niagra (NO DON’T !!).

Now back to Grenada, bigger is better right! think again. Would you like to take a cruise on a 3000 capacity cruise liner or a superyacht that sleeps 20? Would you like to fly 1st class on an airbus A380 (555 capacity) or a private jet? Would you like to see Beyonce or The Rolling Stones perform in a massive stadium or in a small intimate venue? I will never forget when I walked into a small pub in West London many years ago and Chaka Khan was singing. That was amazing!

Mount Carmel falls in St Andrews is roughly 9 miles from Seven Sisters but nowhere near as busy making it a hidden gem. If you pick a week day to go there, the chances are very high you will have the place to yourselves while most people are visiting Annandale, and the others I mentioned. You will not encounter tour guides offering their services or locals jumping and then asking for tips. This would be your very own superyacht / private jet.
So to reiterate, bigger isn’t always better. Incidently, Mount Carmel Falls is the highest falls in Grenada.