Moving to a small island from a big country will always have its challenges and adjustment phase. Now obviously, if you have made that move then it is because you want a new life abroad, but no matter how much you craved that new life, there will be things back home that you will miss.

If you have come from a big city then the chances are that you purchased your meat from a supermarket or a butchers shop. Well you can do the same here as the supermarkets sell fresh and frozen meat but you MUST pay extra attention to the sell by dates. For reasons we have yet to find out, things that pass their sell by dates are often left on the shelves. Now when it comes to actual butcher shops you will find it a lot harder to find one that resembles anything that you are used to. Here comes our hidden gems #3. The Meat Market at the Whisper Cove Marina will match many butcher shops in the so called developed world.

All the meat is locally sourced right here in Grenada and best of all is that all the meat is cut and prepared in a cold room and is truly organic. Naturally there are a lot of sailors that use the meat market but it is open to everyone.The owners, Gille and Marie are super friendly and extremely professional The Meat Market is probably our most important find since arriving in Grenada and can be found in Woburn in St Georges.